The Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence And Robots

It is obvious now that our reliance on internet have shaped the way we live our lives on this planet. The new order of artificial intelligence and robotics ways of doing things have in no small measure redefined our perception of life altogether. As it is now, every facet of our life has been made dependent to the new order.

Though the technologies inherent in the new order will make our lives and businesses profitable and efficient, there are a few problems with it. Come to think of it, one day artificial intelligent machines would take the place of people especially in the area of employment opportunities. As noted by several prominent scientists, scarcity of job opportunities loom on us if the new order is allowed to overcome human reasoning.

Nevertheless, the internet is put in place to construe humanity into a global village for the sharing and accessibility of data  and information on a very large scale. Rather than allow ourselves to be consumed by the risk that intelligent machines will pose on humanity, all we need so is to focus on how the privileges and opportunities of the internet can be harnessed for the benefit of humanity.

Of course, the creative imagination of movie makers using artificially intelligent machines and robots to overthrow human dominance is not our dominant fear but the insecurity of lives and properties that the new order can lead to. Lack of proper programming and coordination of artificial intelligent machines can risk devastating consequences.

Since we know that artificial intelligence is only at the conception stage, it is foolish to allow ourselves to be eaten up by the dangers that may come up through it. We should focus more on how we can reap the promised benefits that the new order of internet and artificial intelligent machines have in stock for us. When the necessity calls, we will find lasting solutions to the future challenges of the new order.

Every innovation has always had positive and negative consequences. The 18th century industrial revolution, as an example, had some challenges but at the end, everything worked fine. Several social and economic challenges had to be addressed in that revolution before everything worked to plan.

It is therefore pertinent that we educate our younger generation on the need to key in into the emerging technologies so as to better their lives in the nearest future. There could be loss of jobs on account of the new order but doors to several life improving opportunities will be opened for those who are ready for the change brought about by the new order of internet and artificial intelligence machines.