How Technology Changes Our Lives And The Times

If the heat that never seems to end is anything to go by, then we should know that the changes wrought by technology is on a colossal level...

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Some of the Best Uses Of Facetime Video Calling

When most of our friends and family is across the globe, how can we not let them be a part of our important part of our lives? Everything is available at the click of a button, thus introducing video calling feature that makes our lives so much more convenient. This feature lets us converse over call or face to face with people on a one to one basis or even as a group, sharing all the important and fun moments of our lives with them sitting at their homes.

There are different types of video calling apps that help us make our lives easy and simple; some of them include:

  • Skype: one of the most widely used apps for calling. It is available for computers and also for devices like Android, Blackberry, and iOS.
  • Facebook messenger: this is another free app, for Android, iOS, and windows to make calls anytime and anywhere.
  • Apple face time: this is yet another free video calling app for all the iOS users. Facetime is the only app that isn’t available on other devices. But in other ways, you can use facetime for pc to follow this complete guide to installing facetime video calling app.
  • Tango: this app is for Android, iOs, and Windows OS computers, apart from video calling this app also has features that include sending texts, animations, and files too.
  • Whatsapp: this app needs your phone number as an id proof and lets you create your account which helps you chat, send files and other things too. It also permits audio and video calling.
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Garcinia Cambogia is The Last Answer to Your Weight Loss Problems

Have you ever dreamt of having a gorgeous waistline? Have you ever wanted to look slim and 100% fit? Have you ever struggled hard to lose weight with no apparent results? Have you ever had the frustration of going through various diet? Have you seen no effect even after you exercise so hard? Have you ever felt so tired and drained of energy after having less food on your diet and doing exercise on top of it? If you have ever done that, you are probably searching for a better alternative for an extended period. Garcinia Cambogia is the answer for you.

Garcinia Cambogia is a sweet tropical tree fruit which is also known as Malabar tamarind. Garcinia Cambogia is a beneficial dietary supplement extracted from the fruit, which is specially tailored for people wanting to lose their fat and body weight more effectively and comfortably. It has six unique ingredients, which in combination with a balanced diet, a minimal amount of exercise and even a minimal effort from yourself will help your digestion, reduce your appetite, burn your extra fat in your body, improve your metabolism and keep you energized throughout the day. It helps you to maintain your overall wellbeing and physical fitness. Even though RapidTone has been a new introduction, there are followers all over the world who have benefitted from this product as it has Garcinia Cambogia.

Benefits of Garcinia cambogia

Research has shown that the regular use of Garcinia cambogia will dramatically produce results related to weight loss. It gives you the great body you have always dreamt of without any significant change in your diet. It manages your appetite effectively to produce a substantial effect in maintaining your body balance. It keeps you energised the whole day with its green tea and green coffee extracts. It enables you to do so much in your day and also have conscious control over your excessive fat. You don’t need to go on fast for weight loss anymore.

Consumption of Garcinia cambogia allows rapid and effective burning of fat. It has numerous miraculous properties such as slimming properties. The presence of these extracts boosts the metabolism to higher levels, and hence fat gets burned as a result without the need to do exercise. It has caffeine-like properties, and it stimulates your brain, gives your lot of energy and boosts your mood. The extremely valuable anti-oxidants present in the cayenne pepper helps in reducing consumption. Other natural extracts present in the ingredient improves digestion and helps you to combat various obesity-related problems. It also helps in the reduction of cellulite and hence is effective for weight loss.

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How Technology Changes Our Lives And The Times

If the heat that never seems to end is anything to go by, then we should know that the changes wrought by technology is on a colossal level.

Nowadays, we can hardly differentiate the seasons because the heat does not seem to go away. It simply changes from hot to hotter, then hottest.

Thanks to technology, our natural protection is slipping away like layers of oranges being sliced off to keep us exposed to the merciless harshness of the sun. And while we may be able to reduce the rate at which this destruction goes, we cannot reverse it.

Houses are popping up everywhere, monstrous testimonies of technical know-how. Some of these structures are industries hell-bent on carrying on with the destruction of our atmosphere.

The production of automobiles too ensures that the destruction go on at an alarming rate. Indeed in some places, like China, cases have been reported of matters getting so bad that you hardly can see down the road.

Now, perhaps much has been said of wildlife destruction. Mighty trees in the forest which fill the atmosphere with the much needed oxygen being hacked down for the production of paper and for the furtherance of building constructions and all such things.

Even a blind man would know that we are steadily pushing ourselves to extinction.

Nevertheless, technology is not a beast without beauty as most people will testify, and that is a good thing. On a very hot day, one can stay indoors and not feel the heat because of a technological invention.

 Even though our natural cooling system might be so much better, the air conditioner is very effective in helping to deal with the heat and hot weather.

Perhaps one can still sleep peacefully after all without rolling about in bed because of the terrible atmospheric changes we inflicted on ourselves.

Furthermore, moving about just got a lot more comfortable and easier. Even without owing a car, technology has made provisions for you to move around like a boss.

No, you don’t have to go to the road to flag down a bus or taxi and proceed to be packed along with others like inanimate bags of sardine.

Not when you have such applications as the Uber and Taxify on your phone. These apps provide services which you can easily access from the comfort of your home.

This means you can get a car through the internet to your very doorstep which will take you to the place you want to go. That is just another of the ways technology tries to make things right.

Also, shopping have ceased to be a chore and a tiring walk around the market. You can access those commodities you want from your bed and have them delivered to you.

Clothes, food, computers, phones, drinks, kitchen utensils, name them. Technology once again drives home an important point.

Furthermore, if you hate queues, perhaps you can just sit at home and pay your bills or make those transfers that will have you sweating on a very long line. And it keeps getting better.

Technology has proven to be a beast. And although this cannot be denied, this beast exudes such beauty and unchained possibilities that we simply cannot resist. Perhaps we are left with no choice than to learn to control this beast while enjoying the benefits it brings.


Computer Glitches And Bugs

Sometimes, your laptop acts up for no reason, causing you to lose important files and documents. This problem may just be caused by a glitch and glitches can be a total pain.

 Glitches are normally short-lived. They are faults that correct themselves after perhaps wrecking havoc on your system.

Glitches and bugs are often used interchangeably because both work against authorial intent, but whereas a glitch is something more mysterious and incomprehensible caused by things outside the programming, a bug is cast as a genuine breakdown of functions.

A glitch is not detected at the time it occurs but it later shows up in data errors.

Glitches are invariably brought about through incorrectly written software, undetected data input, incorrect instructions and the failure to account for it, undetected communications errors. Sometimes glitches are caused by hacking—computer viruses and Trojan attacks.

Glitches may be little errors but they cause big problems most times. It is like a silly card falling into a pack of cards which falls into another and another till a big problem is created.

Some of the problems may be keyboard malfunction, screen abnormalities, random program malfunction, plus abnormal program registering.

These problems are probably the smaller problems. I once lost all my life’s work in a computer that crashed due to the repetition of this particular annoying fault.

Unfortunately for me, most of the files I lost were not backed up except the few in my mail which I had sent to people. That was painful.

Still the bigger problems, like the unexpected shutdown of a  water filtration plant in New Canaan in 2010, are heart-stopping. It doesn’t end there.

 On Tuesday, 4th June 1996, European Space Agency’s(ESA) crewless Ariane 5 rocket which was carrying four expensive scientific satellites went up in flames after 39 seconds resulting in an estimated $370 million loss.

Glitches are unexpected and this is why the effects sometimes are devastating. Research also shows that geographical events like earthquakes may cause glitches in computer systems and some might even end up crashing.

It is important that you not only take corrective measures but also preventive measures against glitches. It is noteworthy to state that modern computers do not crash often these days and that’s because they have ‘memory protection’.

 This ensures that one application does not get into another. Then there is paging which makes it hard for a program to hog all the memory since limitless amount of it is simulated by the computer.

Even with these preventives, there are software you can install and bring ruins on your computer. These are device drivers and sometimes they contain bugs. These device drivers are plugged right into the heart of the operating systems.

Because of this, these bugs can actually cause loss of data.

In order to safeguard your system against these glitches, it is important that you should be wary of the type of software you install in your system, as this could be like shooting oneself.

Modern computers too will help matters and guard against these mischievous glitches. However, it is also advisable to have your documents backed up somewhere instead of relying fully on your computer as this foolhardy type of faith has proven to be costly time and time again.


Why Light-coloured Or Back-lit Computer Keyboard Is Important

Although many computer users touch-type and can easily feel their way around a computer keyboard, they would fall over light-coloured or back-lit keyboards if they knew how  important it was.

Typing in the dark with an equally dark keyboard may not seem to affect your eyes at the moment, but as time passes, the effect comes to fore.

For users who still have to look at keyboards while typing, using a dark keyboard without light is a torturous experience as they will keep straining their eyes peering at the keyboard and trying to make sense of all the darkness.

Not only does typing with a dark keyboard slow you down, it also makes typing an unenviable experience.

Now, for people like me eking out a living from writing using laptops, that would probably mean a lifetime of torture or something close to it.

Being a lot faster and being able to glide your fingers across the keyboard is no guarantee that using a dark keyboard will not give you some trouble in the long run because sometimes you will definitely have to look down into the darkness that is your keyboard and have less success than you would have had with a light-coloured or back-lit keyboard in locating that evasive key.

This will give your eyes much work and as it continues, your eyesight will most likely deteriorate.

Keyboards with light colours or backlights are usually more costly than their dark counterparts.

 This is especially true of back-lit keyboards. It is because backlighting is not a cheap or even common throw-in feature.

The producer has to put in a LED under each key (now those keys are certainly not few).

And this has to properly done because a dark keyboard is more preferable than a poorly-lighted one.

The back-lit keyboard seems like a vain feature but not if you do your work on your bed and you don’t want to have that extra burden of lugging a lamp around, having your shadow fall across your keyboard which will prevent you from seeing properly.

If you work late at night or any time at night at all, then back-lit keyboard will keep it simple for you. Serious gamers too will love a back-lit keyboard for its mnemonic qualities.

 In the middle of these advantages is the safety of your eyesight. Also work becomes easier and you drag your feet less (or should I say fingers in this case?) in carrying out your work.

In getting a laptop with a back-lit keyboard, you might want to check for certain qualities, but this will all depend on your preference.

 The brightness should be something you’re comfortable with and not something you might want to shield your eyes away from.

Also tweakability is one feature that is definitely appealing, the ability to turn down or turn up the brightness. In some laptops, this can be done manually or operated with sensor which turn it up or down as they sense the change in lighting.

Some laptops with this back-lit feature are the Lenovo ThinkPad T460, Asus Zenbook 3, Apples MacBook Airs, MSI’s GT73VR Titan Pro, Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro, among others.

So when getting that new laptop, think about your eyes and how much easier it would be working on a light-coloured or back-lit keyboard.